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Gérard Klop

My biggest contribution in projects is my ability to approach challenges top-down and to engage others with the end goal in mind.

Knowledge and experience

My main focus in 18 years of strategy consulting has been pharma and medical devices. Within these industries I have been involved in strategy development and organisational change. Past assignments have been at company, portfolio and product level, and in local, regional and global settings. My background in technology and business helps me to quickly understand complex situations at the beginning of the assignment. I am able to create a common vision, shared with my client and further substantiated with analysis and creativity. I know how to involve multiple stakeholders and to work towards a profound and endorsed solution for real business impact.

My contribution to the team and our clients

My biggest contribution to projects is my ability to approach business challenges comprehensively, from the top down. My colleagues and customers value me for bringing refreshing and out-of-the-box ideas to the table. Since this work is not only about good ideas or nice concepts, my biggest satisfaction comes from translating strategies into targeted actions and changes that can be easily adopted by the organisation. Thanks to my intrinsic drive and enthusiasm, combined with an open and people-oriented style, I am able to engage others and to carry them along with the end result in mind. Meaningful impact for our client – that is what it is all about!

About myself

If there is one common denominator in my private and professional life, then it is the fact that I am driven by challenges. It was for exactly this reason that I decided to become a business consultant early in my career. I love the variety and wealth of different business challenges you come across, whilst at the same time trying to discover commonalities. In my personal life I am always trying new things, especially in sports. My most recent passion is kitesurfing. In general I want to stretch myself to explore and learn new things. My two mottos in life therefore describe me the best: “Life is unpredictable and that’s the good part” and “It’s not about showing how good you are, but about showing you want to become better”.

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