Developing a paper to position the pharma industry as an important player in VBHC

Pharma industry wants to position in VBHC

A local pharma industry association noticed a strong development of VBHC focus and attention in their local healthcare system. At the same time, multiple pharma companies were actively working together with hospitals & HCPs to start VBHC initiatives together to improve patient care.

The association wanted to bring it all together in a position paper to clearly describe pharma’s ambition and added value role in VBHC. Because of Vintura’s strong experience with VBHC, they asked us to develop this position paper.

Co-creation with all key stakeholders

The best position papers make a clear and bold statement on behalf of the sender. However, it should not be an inside-out story alone, but include a outside-in view as well. We therefore interviewed not only pharma companies active in VBHC, but also key stakeholders at policy makers, payers, hospitals and patient associations.

We mobilized the broader pharma community with an interactive VBHC workshop, using world café-style discussions to engage them and collect their views. A round table meeting on the drafted position paper with key external stakeholders concluded the approach.

Shared & ambitious claim on role in VBHC

We were able to engage and mobilize ~50 pharma employees to become VBHC ambassadors.

There is a shared, bold and ambitious position paper, which is approved and fully endorsed by the association’s board, representing all member companies. More importantly, the paper was well received by external stakeholders: they acknowledged a clear role for pharma in VBHC.

Moreover, the external stakeholders expressed the invitation to jointly start a concrete VBHC initiative in a selected disease area.

Do you want to work with hospitals & HCPs to start VBHC initiatives together to improve patient care?