Performance improvement

As a hospital, you will notice that there is increasing pressure to achieve financial results. Both the demand for and cost of healthcare are constantly increasing. At the same time, health insurers are insisting on lower volumes and lower rates.

Making a profit is not the main priority, but a financially healthy hospital does instil confidence and provide a stable foundation upon which to work towards better patient care and the continued development of your organisation.

How can Vintura help you to achieve better financial results?

Is your hospital suffering from declining financial results? Or have you ended up in the red? We can help you to bring your financial results back to a structurally sound level. In doing so, we take an integrated approach, looking at both costs, revenues and the healthcare portfolio, and the management of the hospital. We do that from the standpoint that making a profit is not an end in itself, but a means that helps you to continue providing patients with the care they need. In fact, we are convinced that investing in quality helps to improve the financial result. Together with you, we define a balanced set of healthy measures that realise improvements for your organisation where possible, while avoiding undesirably drastic interventions.

Would you like to know more about improving your financial results?

Vintura has extensive experience with structural improvement in financial results and with projects specifically focused on cost reduction, portfolio optimisation or contracting.

If you would like more information, please contact Aart Willem.
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