Commercial Strategy

At Vintura, we see five major trends that may affect the commercialisation of new pharmaceutical products:
  1. Partnering & collaboration will continue to be a core driver of value creation to speed and manage the risk of innovation.
  2. Optimised portfolios and efficient launches will be increasingly important in hypercompetitive speciality care categories.
  3. Increased patient empowerment will hold manufacturers and authorities increasingly accountable for providing affordable access to innovative medicines.
  4. Digital technologies and data mastery will become increasingly significant in powering the diagnosis and treatment of disease and will continue to shape the way we operate on a daily basis.
  5. Value will drive conversations amongst key stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem.

To drive success in response to these trends, we work with our clients to improve innovation, leverage digital and data opportunities and develop strong portfolios and distinctive brand strategies that deliver value in an increasingly value-focussed healthcare ecosystem.

Our core areas of commercial strategy focus on:

  • Strategic Partnering
  • Product & Portfolio Strategy
  • Patient Centric Solutions
  • Digital Solutions
  • Organisational Excellence
commercial strategy by Vintura consultants in Healthcare and Life Sciences
Figure 1: How we help clients in commercial strategy

Strategic partnering

We can assist you in accessing innovation and growth opportunities via win/win partnerships.

  • Partner & technology searches and evaluation
  • Pitch book preparation
  • Business development & licensing / opportunity assessments

Product & portfolio strategy

We support you to develop strong portfolios and distinctive brand & customer strategies that drive growth throughout the product life cycle and deliver value to all stakeholders.

  • Portfolio planning & optimisation
  • Pre-launch planning
  • Launch acceleration
  • Brand & value optimisation
  • Late life cycle management

patient-centric solutions

We work with you to develop patient-centric strategies that engage patients during their treatment and improve their outcomes.

  • Embedding patient centricity into early commercial planning
  • Patient journey and experience mapping
  • Patient-orientated outcomes

digital solutions

We co-create with you digital solutions that enhance product experience and drive commercial effectiveness and help you implement them.

  • Digital portfolio strategy
  • Beyond the molecule solutions
  • Omnichannel strategy
  • Commercial effectiveness
  • Organisational readiness

organisational excellence

These activities require internal mindset changes or organisational adjustments often accompanying these activities, We can work with you to manage internal change and build agile and high-performing commercial organisations.

  • Organisational design & effectiveness
  • Leadership & relationship dynamics
  • Capability building
  • Coaching
  • Influence & negotiations
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