High client satisfaction scores

We believe it’s very important to get clear feedback from our clients. Following every assignment, we ask our clients for feedback.

High client satisfaction

We ask our clients several questions:

  1. How likely you are to recommend Vintura to others on a scale from 0 (not likely at all) till 10 (extremely likely).
  2. Result: How satisfied are you with the results we have achieved in this project? (score 1-10)
  3. Projectmanagement: How satisfied are you with the way we have managed the project? (score 1-10)
  4. Style: How satisfied are you with the way we have cooperated with your team?(score 1-10).

These are the average scores:

  1. Recommendation: 8,8 (NPS-score of 50%)
  2. Result: 8,3
  3. Projectmanagement: 8,9
  4. Style: 8,8

We are very proud of these results. The Vintura team keeps on working to maintain and improve these results.


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