Providing a view on patient access solutions

Plasma-derived Medicinal Products (PDMPs) are unique biological therapies derived from human plasma and are used to treat patients with rare, often genetic conditions with a high disease burden.


In Europe, these treatments face numerous patient access challenges: Formal, with reimbursement coverage, and therapeutic based on access to optimal treatment paradigm. Additionally, growing clinical need for PDMPs (better diagnostics, increasing prevalence, new indications) means that current plasma collection in Europe is insufficient.

The Plasma Protein Therapeutics Association (PPTA) asked Vintura to write a White Paper showcasing clinical, societal and economic value of PDMPs, providing a view on patient access solutions.

First comprehensive view on Europe

Vintura captured perspectives and insights from a broad and diverse stakeholder group on plasma derived products: patient advocacy groups, policy makers, payers, academic experts, clinicians and plasma industry.

This was the first time a comprehensive view on the nature and value of PDMPs across clinical, economic, and societal dimensions as well as on measures for improving patient access in Europe was developed.

Deliverables included granular cross-country and cross-TA comparisons, assessment of current barriers and solutions to Formal and Therapeutic patient access, and, finally, health economic calculations indicating healthcare value gains from PDMPs.


Using our White Paper and dissemination planning tool, PPTA is able to approach multiple stakeholders across Europe to raise awareness and co-shape policy on PDMPs.

This approach is designed to drive multi-stakeholder alignment and co-creation of tangible action plan to improve patient access. The stakeholders range from regulators and policy (incl. European Commission and National Bodies) to the clinical and academic community and patient associations.

These conversations are an important step to form close and trust-based partnerships between industry and all healthcare stakeholders.

My biggest contribution in projects is my ability to approach challenges top-down and to engage others with the end goal in mind.