Healthcare logistics

Capacity management and care cycle optimisation. Within hospitals, there is increasing focus on the optimisation of operational processes in order to use the available resources as efficiently as possible. Both the patient perspective and the perspective of the healthcare organisation play an important role in this.

It’s nice for the patient to have the experience of a clear, smoothly running care cycle with optimal outcomes. For the healthcare organisation, it’s important that expensive capacity components such as the OR, the wards and personnel are utilised as efficiently as possible. For both perspectives, a broad, integrated approach is important in order to achieve optimal processes and capacity use.

There are various reasons to get started with this, such as the introduction of new technology, the establishment of a new EHR, mergers, and collaborations in which harmonisation is essential. One of the most common reasons for examining the operational process is cost savings.

How can Vintura help you improve your healthcare logistics?

In healthcare logistics, we distinguish between capacity management and care cycle optimisation.

Capacity management

Traditionally, the utilisation of resources in hospitals is determined at departmental level, and often for the long term. However, a more dynamic and broader allocation of capacity in the organisation has major advantages.

This can help to increase:

  • Steerability: for example, how can I make the best possible use of the consultation hours in my hospital’s clinic in order to achieve my strategic goals?
  • Efficiency: for example, how can I distribute and exchange OR capacity in a more efficient way across the various departments?
  • Quality/service: for example, how can we organise the planning in order to guarantee minimum access times? How can I make my clinic planning more patient-friendly (e.g. by allowing patients to plan for themselves)?

Care cycle optimisation

In the area of care cycle optimisation, we can help you to achieve goals such as:

  • Optimal utilisation of people: for example, by shifting tasks to nursing specialists.
  • Shortening of lead time: for example, by implementing rapid diagnostics.
  • Implementation of new technology: such as video calling and remote monitoring. This often raises questions about policy, roles and responsibilities.
  • Implementation of value-based healthcare.

Would you like to know more?

Vintura has extensive experience in improving operational processes in hospitals, in which we always pay attention to the strategic context. Every assignment always starts with an open discussion so that we can clearly understand the goals you have in mind. Are you looking at more efficient use of shared capacity, and are you considering a capacity body ? Do you want to optimise the operational planning to create a fluent care cycle? Or do you first need to work out the strategic frameworks in detail? Please contact Noël van Oijen directly.

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