Cost reduction program for pharmaceutical company

Turnaround strategy for Benelux organization

The Benelux branch of a global pharmaceutical company, with an estimated local annual turnover of €45 million, required a turnaround strategy due to poor financial results. These poor financial results were caused by a lacking competitive market position, unclear focus of activities and an overstaffed organization.

Focus on cost drivers to accelerate impact

In order to quickly realize financial impact, we have developed a cost-cutting program in close cooperation with the client. Running several intense workshop with the clients management team led to a long list of great ideas, each having consequences for both the organization (people) and Profit & Loss. We further detailed, structured and prioritized all initiatives into a concrete improvement program, with clear ownership and a implementation plan and for each initiative.

Now these initiatives need to turn into bottom-line savings

The result? Vintura has, together with the client, developed a strategic roadmap and financial model that will guide them to realizing these savings which add up to €2,5 million per year. We have created a sense of urgency that now must turn into bottom-line impact. Vintura will keep monitoring progress and support the client along its journey!

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