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“When Will Digital Health Become Health?” The world is witnessing a revolution in health and trying to make sense of it. We know that digital health will affect every aspect of how the industry works. This is why we support companies throughout the whole journey of devising a digital strategy to integrating their products, digital or non-digital, into the clinic.

Digital health in the context of care is all about integrating journeys

Treatments are no longer only a medication prescribed by a healthcare professional to a patient in order to tackle a disease. Medications are increasingly accompanied by products or services to further reduce the burden of the disease, to support the patient in the care journey, to capture data to reach better decisions, or to provide lifestyle recommendations to prevent diseases.

At Vintura we understand that in care settings, digital health is streamlining processes, access to knowledge and the connection between stakeholders. For example, has the power to centralize what often is a clearly disjointed care delivery experience: the journey of a patient across different moment of care (prevention, diagnosis, treatment and follow-ups), each of which in a different location (hospitals, pharmacies, home), and with a little permeability between different points of contact (GPs, specialists).

Other stakeholders are sensing this change: will soon be able to access a wealth of Real World Evidence obtained through wearables, devices and digital patient records, which has the potential to finally enable the concept of Value-Based Healthcare to be fully implemented in healthcare systems.

Vintura key digital health propositions - care settings
Figure 1: Digital health in care settings: connecting all stakeholders, different locations and geographies, moments of care, and democratizing access to knowledge.

Digital health for the industry permeates the entire drug development process

Digital health encompasses much more than the relationship between patients, doctors, payers and data in care settings. Pharma companies are witnessing how their operations, all the way from corporate strategy development to R&D, to clinical research, market access, launch and marketing are being subject to this revolution.

A solid, digitally-informed foresight will be key in order to develop the right biomedical products and beyond-the-pill companions. Data-driven R&D tools are streamlining and accelerating the drug development process and innovative products will benefit from new multi-location approaches to clinical research, omnichannel approaches to marketing, and data-driven approaches to launch. This, together with the latest regulatory developments regarding Market Access and Reimbursement of medical devices will be what enables a full integration of digital health technologies in healthcare.

Vintura key digital health propositions - multi platform data
Figure 2: Digital health is impacting all stages of the journey of a drug, all the way to care delivery.

How we help the industry manage this transformation

Every journey starts with a first step. The time is now for leaders to initiate the journey and guide their organisation towards the future of healthcare: with a clear vision of how patients’ experiences will be improved, and of how data and digital health can support these efforts to be a success.

We help pharma and medtech companies unlocking the opportunity that digital health presents, be it in the form of innovative digital products and services, in the form of an improved and more efficient path from boardroom to bedside for drugs, or in the form of enabling a higher personalisation of care.

Vintura key digital health propositions - why
Vintura key digital health propositions - what
Vintura key digital health propositions - How
Figure 3: Digital health as enabler (tool and service)


We are publishing a series of four white papers on digital health, discussing its definition, the types of offers available, the enablers and barriers for its integration in the clinic, and how the wider ecosystem will evolve in the next decade. Now ready to read:

Inspired to share your thoughts? Or would you like to learn more about our vision on Digital Health and the value it has to tackle current and future healthcare challenges? We would be delighted to hear from you. Please feel invited to contact Silvia Rohr, Marcos Gallego or Casper Paardekooper.

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