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The increasing demand for and supply of healthcare services is placing the sustainability of our healthcare system under pressure. At the same time, we expect greater impact and quality for the patient. We will need to implement fundamental changes to make our healthcare more sustainable, more affordable and more patient-oriented.

The Value-Based Healthcare (VBHC) concept, introduced by Michael Porter, provides an alternative approach to organising our healthcare system. VBHC advocates the measurement of value, defined as offsetting the healthcare outcomes delivered against the costs incurred, and subsequently making this transparent.

How can Vintura help you with Value-Based Healthcare?

Within your organisation, you will encounter various issues with respect to VBHC:

  • Can you see that the time is right for monitoring, control and funding with respect to healthcare outcomes, so that quality is also rewarded?
  • Is the healthcare offered to certain patient groups now too fragmented, and are you looking for the best way to provide the right care in the right place, both within your organisation and regionally?
  • Would you like to work with Value-Based Healthcare in your hospital, but you’re looking for the best way to get this under way throughout the whole organisation?

Vintura supports healthcare institutions with these types of questions in four ways:

  1. Determining VBHC strategy and setting up the program.
  2. Focusing on outcomes and making them measurable.
  3. Establishing and organising integrated patient pathways.
  4. Arriving at appropriate agreements with health insurers and taking internal action accordingly.

Vintura supports you in translating VBHC into a focused vision and ambition for your organisation. Together we will arrive at the most appropriate strategic agenda, in which Value-Based Healthcare is not an end in itself, but a proven tool for achieving better patient outcomes for the same or lower costs. We recognize that training is an important part of this, on the one hand to create awareness, and on the other to have ambassadors who provide broad support in the organisation.

Co-creation is an absolute must in VBHC. We bring together relevant stakeholders from different disciplines in order to remove functional silos in a constructive way and to create outcome-oriented care cycles, together with healthcare providers both within and outside of the hospital. We facilitate healthcare managers in the design of chain collaboration and also create a connection to pharmaceutical providers and health insurers in order to jointly improve patient care and arrive at outcome-oriented financing.

Looking for more information?

Vintura has built up a great deal of knowledge and experience with Value-Based Healthcare in the Healthcare sector and with projects on VBHC strategy, care cycle development, chain collaboration, training and contracting. See below for examples of projects we’ve recently carried out for various large hospitals.

If you would like more information, please contact Koen Jansen.
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