Optimizing customer services for a future proof department

Optimize AS-IS to realize TO-BE ambition

Our client manages the regional Customer Services Business unit of a top tier pharma organization. Their ambition is to play a more strategic role in the future adding more value for patients and the organization. However, they are facing continuously high and unpredictable workload and are struggling to manage current activities let alone realize their new ambition. We were asked to 1. map the current organization and activities and 2. identify solutions to optimize.

Involving all employees for optimal results

We interviewed all employees from the department to get a detailed overview of the organization in terms of activities and associated annual workload, division of tasks and available resourcing. Based on these insights we structured activities and categorized them based on plannability and added value. This overview was used to brainstorm collectively on ways to optimize and reduce workload.

40% structural workload reduction

Together we identified structural solutions that combined will reduce almost 40% of the current workload in the department. We identified a set of operational activities that could be isolated from the department and outsourced to a third party. This will allow the department to focus on additional new activities adding more value for patients and the organization.

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