Developing a business case for Lifestyle as a Medicine in Type 2 Diabetes

Shifting the treatment paradigm towards Lifestyle as a Medicine (LaM)

Together with partners, our client has the ambition to realize a break-through in the treatment and reversal of Type 2 Diabetes, a major disease that affects ~4% of the population. It is the client’s strong belief that lifestyle-related diseases should be treated with lifestyle interventions. In addition, these interventions should be developed in an Innovation Center, where all worldwide knowledge is combined in order to accelerate the development, deployment and the structural embedding of lifestyle interventions in the Dutch healthcare system. In order to start the founding of this Innovation Center, they asked Vintura to make a convincing business case and compelling investment story to show the cost-effectiveness of lifestyle interventions in Type 2 Diabetes.

Creating a sound and realistic business case together with stakeholders in the field

In order to create a concrete and compelling story for partners and investors, we needed to build a business case model that showed the potential savings for society. The key to this business case was to translate medical evidence into real (financial) numbers, and to make realistic assumptions with experts and KOL’s where the evidence was missing. In parallel, we created a first concept for the Innovation Center (mission, vision, goals, key activities etc.) based on best practices from our previous experiences.

The client is confidently looking forward to approach partners and develop an Innovation Center

Together with our client we worked on this with high energy, creativity and passion. We co-created a business case and a convincing ‘investment story’ to introduce key stakeholders to Lifestyle as Medicine. The compelling story that shows the real value on a patient level, is now being used in conversations with potential investors and partners of the Innovation Center.

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