Vintura: connecting and improving

Having a meaningful impact – that is what drives Vintura. ‘Connecting’ and ‘improving’ are the key values that describe Vintura.

‘Life is unpredictable, and that is the good part’ is the motto by which Gérard Klop lives his life. The founder and partner of Vintura openly reveals his weaknesses and accepts himself as he is – an enthusiastic man who seeks to connect and improve. It is an ambitious game that Vintura and he are playing at customer, company, and individual level. The core values of the game are people-orientation, sincerity, courage, and ambition. ‘We want to have a meaningful impact on our customers in healthcare and the life sciences sector. We want to help customers solve their problems by offering added value. If we cannot offer that value, we are the first to let our customers know.’

Joint success

In seeking to have a “meaningful impact” on its customers, there are a few things that Vintura needs to know. What drives them, what do they want to achieve, how is the organization going to do that, and how can Vintura provide the best-possible support in that process? ‘We offer added value and results by connecting and by improving – connecting, by being people-oriented and sincere. In other words, by involving people from every layer of the organization as much as possible, so that we truly understand the issues that matter in the organization and at the same time can create support and acceptance. And improving, by showing courage and ambition. By supplying solid analyses in combination with out-of-the-box ideas. We are not afraid to ask difficult and sensitive questions either. After all, our aim is to help our customers be successful, in the belief that their success is our success.’

Proving or improving?

‘You are either proving or improving’, says Klop. ‘We do not believe in people who want to prove themselves. That is of no benefit to Vintura or our customers. We believe in “improvers” – people who want to help our customers improve and who want to improve themselves. To do that, you must be prepared to make mistakes, to be open and to be vulnerable. That helps your own personal development while benefiting our customers and therefore Vintura. That is what I believe.’

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