We combine professional expertise with a hands-on approach and genuine involvement.

Healthcare is facing an enormous challenge. How to match the ever increasing demand with budget limitations and scarcity of capacity to deliver the required care? How to ensure high quality, accessible and affordable care, now and in the future? How to create more patient value in the meantime?

Structural approach

For that it is important to apply an holistic and patient centered view. We can’t solve it on our own. Together with all care providers we need to build new care concepts that can provide the right care at the right place with the right care professional to specific patients. Care networks, regionalization, integrated practice units, integral care pathways, home care concepts, patient monitoring, care coordination centers are topics we will increasingly have to deal with. Besides that we need to adopt a new, value based, approach to our care delivery, focusing on true and relevant outcomes.

Vintura can help your organization make these choices. We have extensive experience in all segments of healthcare and life sciences, and are thoroughly familiar with the specific challenges of each different care provider . Our track record speaks for itself: we have consistently achieved effective, permanent results for our many clients.

Our committed, hands-on and patient-centric approach helps you to make the right choices. Equally important is that we are extremely good at bringing together people and organizations. Effective cooperation is essential to achieving the overall aim of optimizing healthcare.

We can help your organisation

This also means making choices. What will be my role in these new structures? What do I do and what do I leave to others? This requires strategic choices regarding positioning, care profile, care portfolio and also choices on cooperation’s with other care providers.


We can help you to make clear decisions regarding your portfolio and strategy: who are we, what products will be provided, and to whom? We develop business cases to support such decisions.


We can help you to identify potential partners and to make all necessary arrangements to ensure that you enjoy the benefits of synergy.

Process optimization

We can assist in optimizing the design of all (care) processes, including planning and capacity. The result will be the best possible combination of patient focus, quality and effectiveness.

Performance improvement

Structural improvement of your financial position, while realizing strategic goals and preserving quality of care

Value-based Healthcare

Increasing patient value and reducing healthcare costs in the chain through successful implementation of VBHC within your organization and in the healthcare chain.

Our clients

Our average client satisfaction score is a 8,8. We are very proud of this result. And the Vintura team keeps on working to maintain and improve this.

Noël is glad to tell you more about our meaningful impact in healthcare