Partnerships in healthcare

The current requirements for quality and efficiency require a focus on what a hospital or other healthcare institution sees as its core activities. At the same time, a complete and mutually coherent offering is important in order to be able to provide good services to patients in their own regions.

Partnerships are  an essential element for the modern healthcare organisation. This can sometimes be achieved with a merger, but in many cases, less far-reaching forms of collaboration achieve the same benefits with less complexity or fewer social objections.

How can Vintura help you with partnerships or merger?

Are you considering how partnerships could help you to realise your strategy? Are you looking for a suitable form of collaboration? Would you like to structurally shape or improve your collaboration with a partner? We can help you and your organisation to make choices with respect to partnerships, establishing collaborations, and realizing synergies. Vintura has extensive experience in providing guidance in making these choices, but also in implementing them. Every assignment always starts with an open discussion so that we can clearly understand the goals you have in mind. After all, a good partnership is grounded in a common and deeply shared goal.

Would you like to know more about partnerships or mergers?

Vintura has extensive experience with the preparation and implementation of partnerships and mergers. See below for examples of projects we’ve recently carried out for various large hospitals.

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