Organizational Transition

Success starts with a clear mission, ambition and strategy, but always requires the organization to be fit to purpose.

We can help you to define the optimal organizational strategy, improve both processes and structure and optimize available skills and capacity – in alignment with your company culture. The set-up and optimization of your organization is not a stand-alone exercise, but should be aligned with your propositions and market dynamics.

Each business question is triggered by one aspect of an interlinked balanced model defining the strategy of a business:

  • Mission & ambition: what do we want to be? What do we want to achieve?
  • Market: who are our current and future clients? What are their (evolving) needs?
  • Proposition: what products/ services do we offer to meet these needs? What is our value proposition?
  • Organization: what structure, process, capabilities and capacity do we need to optimally deliver these propositions and how do we get there ?
Business transition
Figure 1: Organizational Transition - all aspects influence each other. @Vintura

We believe at Vintura that every business improvement has an Organizational Transition component and should start by involving the right stakeholders from the beginning. Addressing one aspect without taking into account this cross contamination leads to suboptimal and unsustainable solutions.

Diving deeper into the organizational aspect, optimal performance requires an organization to have four pillars in sync:

  • Values & culture: what binds us together?
  • Process & systems: what activities do we need to undertake to deliver? What does ‘good’ look like?
  • Capacity & capabilities: how do we optimally staff and develop our team(s)? How many people do we need and what skills should they have?
  • Structure & governance: how do we set-up the governance? Who reports to whom? What are the accountabilities? How do we effectively meet?

Our project experience ranges from defining the high level strategy for an organization up to process deep dives – in all cases taking the balanced business model into consideration to lesser or greater extent, depending on the size of the change.


We have made a selection out of the broad variety of our projects in which Organizational Transition has been key. Please have a look to see how we could create meaningful impact in healthcare together!

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