Value-Based Healthcare: The answer to our future healthcare challenges?

Assuring increasingly better care that is sustainably available and affordable for everyone, that is what drives Vintura. We are convinced that Value-Based Healthcare (VBHC) can make a major contribution to improving outcomes for patients and to efficient use of scarce healthcare resources. Therefore we wrote our first report in 2017 'Value-Based Healthcare: working together for real change'. Now, in 2021, almost four years later, the challenges in healthcare have not diminished. On the contrary! We published a new report and are standing at the beginning of a transformation!

Since our last report, VBHC has been celebrated and vilified, there have been successes and setbacks, and there are believers and non-believers. In some cases, VBHC has led to scientific and heated discussions without an end. Therefore, there are reasons enough to take a closer look at the sense and non-sense of VBHC. Where does it work and where does it clearly not? What is the best way to approach and apply VBHC?

Not all principles may apply, but perhaps some of them can make a difference for the patient. It appears that both believers and non-believers are partly right. VBHC is not a one-story fits all.

In particular, the VBHC principles focus on improving our healthcare delivery, i.e. patient outcomes delivered versus costs incurred, but give little indication on how to deal with an increasing demand for care, more specifically the increasing demand for care of elderly.

In this publication, we are looking for practical answers. Because we care about the future of healthcare.

Within the sub-domain of ‘improving the delivery of care’, VBHC unfortunately is not the answer to everything. We will discuss the applicability of VBHC and distinguish the sense from non-sense through case studies and a theoretical model and frameworks.

We will then zoom in on the application of VBHC within two specific care delivery challenges: the increasing care for the elderly and the increasing pressure on pharma. To conclude, we will give some very practical recommendations for the future. We introduce the concept of Value-managed Healthcare (VMHC), outlined in a number of possible scenarios, resulting in more coordination and transparency within healthcare.

In short: we will reveal new insights about VBHC that allow us to concretely tackle current and future healthcare challenges.

We wish you much inspiration and reading pleasure! Download the new 2021 report now!

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Vintura hosted a webinar on ‘the sense and non-sense of VBHC’ based on theory and case studies from our latest Value-Based Healthcare publication. Gerard Klop, Co-Founder & Partner at Vintura shared his VBHC insights and expertise based on our latest publication and years of experience. If you would like to re-watch the webinar of have a look at the key take-aways from that session please go to the event page. If you would like to read more about Value Based Healthcare in general, go to vintura.com/value-based-healthcare.

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