Diabetes centre with national interest

Diabetes care is still at least partially hospital care

Diabetes mellitus (diabetes) is a rapidly increasing disease that causes far more damage than many people realise. General practitioners are becoming increasingly involved in the care of diabetes patients, but that does not detract from the fact that a regular hospital check is desirable and necessary, as conditions such as cardiovascular diseases, kidney damage and eye disorders are common. Furthermore, there is a category of patients whose blood sugar is very difficult to regulate, and who are therefore dependent on special pumps.

A large STZ hospital has built up national expertise in the field of diabetes care. In order for the hospital to be able to grow responsibly, a thorough plan is needed that both physicians and paediatricians can use in the coming years. The plan should contribute to the maintenance and further expansion of knowledge and expertise in the event that one of the initiators retires in due course. In addition, the plan must give the team direction in order to realise the desired growth. The hospital asked Vintura to assist the team in drawing up a plan to realise these ambitions.

Long-term plan with clear KPIs

The long-term plan includes clear KPIs towards which the hospital will work, including not only medical outcomes and Net Promoter Scores, but also the number of studies and scientific publications that follow. Each objective has been examined to determine what is necessary to achieve it, so that an assessment can be made of what is realistically feasible.
An analysis of the origin of patients enables the hospital to target GPs in a healthcare area when it is assumed that patients are not seeking the necessary hospital care.

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