Local cost effectiveness for a new medical device

This research will be used to gain Market Access in The Netherlands.

New technology

CardioMEMS is a new medical technology, which can measure the pressure in the lung artery. In patients with heart failure, this allows early detection of destabilization. Early detection can prevent hospitalization. The CardioMEMS manufacturer has asked Vintura to investigate the local cost-effectiveness in two hospitals.

clear patient pathway

To get a perspective on the cost-effectiveness, we mapped the current patient pathway for heart failure. We did this together with a team of cardiologists, nurses and financial experts. Subsequently, we investigated the impact of CardioMEMS on the transition of tasks, visit frequency to hospitals, way of working and costs.

This step-by-step approach of the current and future pathway also provided input to the required changes for the implementation of the accompanying care process

VIEW ON cost effectiveness

CardioMEMS appears to mainly impact the follow-up phase of heart failure patients. Remote monitoring becomes possible, which reduces the number of outpatient visits. In addition, the heart failure nurse can take over tasks from the medical specialist. These two elements resulted in a double cost reduction. Lastly, CardioMEMS prevents hospitalizations.

The overall conclusion is that CardioMEMs can be seen as cost-effective. The results are currently being used to secure reimbursement for this new technology and therapy.