Solutions in Market Access: 4 capabilities

We present four capabilities for your Market Access challenges.

1. Strategy

Develop compelling pricing, reimbursement and Market Access strategies.

You have to develop compelling pricing, reimbursement and Market Access strategies. We believe that a successful pricing, reimbursement and Market Access strategy:

  • aims to reach all patients that really benefit from treatment,
  • is sustainable for the healthcare system, and
  • provides a fair return for pharma.

We can help you build compelling and focused european and national pricing and reimbursement strategies. We will help to align your strategy with the needs of different stakeholders and help you navigate the challenging Market Access environment. Examples of our projects in Market Access strategy:

  • Market Access strategy for new MS product in the Netherlands / read more
  • Early life cycle strategic plan / read more

2. Demonstrate value

Support business case development demonstrating superior value.

Demonstrating the value of your novel technology is a crucial requirement for successful Market Access both at the national and local level. We support clients develop compelling business cases to provide the necessary evidence base for access. Examples of our projects in ‘demonstrating the value’:

  • Developing a business case for Lifestyle as a Medicine in Type 2 Diabetes / read more
  • Strong value proposition for colorectal cancer medicine / read more
  • Optimizing future accessibility of wound care therapy / read more
  • Local cost effectiveness for a new medical device / read more

3. Organization

Organize for Market Access success.

Obtaining Market Access is a complex process that differs across geographies. Nevertheless, one important similarity across countries is that the Market Access function interacts with many different internal and external stakeholders. Therefore, excellent Market Access teams are cross-functionally organized at european, national (and regional, where relevant) level and are involved in early development (latest from preparation of phase ii onwards) to ensure clinical development is in line with local evidence needs.

We support pharma companies to set up and transform their organization towards cross-functional teams that are well organized and prepared to overcome the many Market Access barriers. Examples of our projects in ‘organizing the Market Access success:

  • Excellence in Market Access / read more
  • Professionalizing stakeholder management / read more
  • Improvement program for Market Access / read more

4. Payer network

Obtain timely and honest feedback via our payer network.

Payer budgets are under pressure and payers are becoming increasingly critical when assessing new health technologies. Payer input and validation on important Market Access topics and strategies is vital for success.  We can mobilize our international payer network via interviews, surveys or advisory boards to help you get external validation early and efficient.

Developing a European VBHC strategy for payers in co-creation with internal and external stakeholders / read more

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