Excellence in Market Access

Prerequisite for Success

Our client, a multinational pharma company, was struggling to achieve early and full Market Access, an increasingly important prerequisite for sustained success in its sector. It asked Vintura to support a long-term program to put it on the road to excellence in this area.

Optimized working

We started with our Market Access Readiness Survey. This revealed that the organization was underperforming for three main reasons.

  1. Widespread lack of clarity about the market-access process. In essence, people had only a partial view of what needed to be done, by whom, and when.
  2. Insufficient information. Market intelligence, best practices and lessons learned were not being captured and shared effectively, preventing the building of a true learning organization.
  3. Remote leadership. With EMEA management insufficiently aware of market-access preparations at opco level, key issues were being addressed too late.

In response, we and the client designed a two-year program dealing with all three problems in parallel.


Having completed the program, the regional and country market-access teams are now ready to hit target revenues. There is full clarity about what is expected from whom and when, throughout the entire process. All involved can now leverage information region-wide, learning from other territories’ experiences. Finally, a market-access dashboard allows senior management to monitor progress and to deal with issues promptly and pro-actively.

It gives me a huge energy boost, together with the client and my colleagues, to find the ideal solution.