Strong value proposition for colorectal cancer medicine

What is the best way to treat colorectal cancer?

Each year, more than 15,000 people in the Netherlands are told they have cancer of the colorectal. This makes it the most common form of the disease. Doctors have a wide variety of treatments to choose from, taking into account therapeutic value, the burden on the patient, and the cost of medication. Unfortunately, all the information they need is not always available. Which may result in less-than-ideal treatment choices. Our client, an international pharmaceutical company, asked us to clarify the added value provided by its drug for colorectal cancer.

Team develops a powerful proposition

The company’s market share was under pressure. With its customers looking first and foremost at their costs, patients were not always receiving the best treatment. So Vintura decided to compare the product’s value proposition with that of its main competitor. We organized interactive cross-functional working sessions with the brand team to identify the needs and expectations of all the relevant stakeholders. What do they consider important, and why? We then encouraged the team to investigate the value added by the two products. And we issued a challenge: “Where is that proven, and how?” We kept pressing the questions and the team was surprised by the information it collected.

More patient value through informed decisions

The process revealed how the products compared in terms of added therapeutic value, the burden on the patient, and the cost of care. Giving the client a clear, well-founded value proposition to present to healthcare providers, insurers, and other stakeholders. So that they are now able to make informed decisions. Thanks to this information, the company was able to win a major tender. And for the right patients that means a better chance of survival with less suffering, and at lower cost.

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