Improvement Program for Market Access

Why an EMEA-wide Improvement Program?

The Market Access function of a global pharmaceutical company was facing multiple challenges within the EMEA region.

  • The function was newly created, understaffed, and not visible;
  • Roles and responsibilities were not always clear;
  • Pooling knowledge and leveraging of experiences could be improved.

With new launches and upcoming renegotiations increasing the workload, Vintura was asked to identify areas for improvement and to lead transnational teams to come up with pragmatic ideas.

Stakeholder Involvement and Engagement

We started with a survey amongst function leaders to identify and prioritize areas for improvement. Together with a core team of key stakeholders, we then set up an improvement program. This was divided into five different workstreams, led by the client and supported by Vintura. We focused on pragmatic, actionable solutions and upon personal development through participation in the program. Lastly, having discussed outcomes and evaluated and addressed sensitivities with local function leaders, a final direction was agreed.

Ready to Face Future Challenges

The areas for improvement were translated into a simple but solid program targeting the issues identified. One year later, the Market Access function has become visible and is more efficient and effective. Its leadership has strengthened, its mission and vision are clear, its governance has been enhanced, and core competencies and capabilities have been improved.

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