Early life cycle strategic plan

Interactive workshops lead to broad support

Solid strategy to prepare for product launch

A international pharmaceutical company aims to launch a new product in the field of psychiatry in 2019. The responsible European brand team needs a solid strategic plan to optimally prepare for a successful launch. We were asked to support the team to build and kick off its early life cycle strategic plan.

Multi-country collaboration to develop the strategic plan

In interactive workshops, we supported the European team and its country representatives to identify all strategic priorities. We structured all elements into a concrete action plan, with clear ownership for each activity. The team appreciated the clarity and guidance provided by this plan.

In the following working sessions, we guided the team in addressing the highest priorities. These ranged from market assessment, stakeholder engagement to evidence generation plans.

A clear path to successful launch

The result? The European team has developed a strategic plan that will guide them to a successful product launch. The team is focused and knows which challenges to tackle first. Importantly, all country representatives support the plan, as they were part of its development.

By successfully launching this product, patients across Europe will benefit from better mental health, and greatly improve their quality of life.