Market Access strategy for new MS product in the Netherlands

A new promising product in a crowded market

A pharma company has a new product in the pipeline and the phase 3 results have recently shown to have clear clinical benefits for Multiple Sclerosis (MS) patients. The MS market is known to be quite crowded as there is already a wide variety of products available for treatment. The Dutch affiliate needed to define the most attractive strategy for Pricing and Reimbursement (P&R), identify risks and develop a comprehensive plan to execute this strategy.

Vintura was asked to develop the Market Access strategy of this new product in collaboration with the Dutch affiliate.

Co-creation and complexity down to a simple story

The project execution was done in close collaboration with the client: a true co-creation project. Frequent hands-on working sessions ensured momentum was maintained, leading to a short delivery time.

The project followed a 3-step process:

  • In depth exploration of the MS landscape and the historic decision making process of the Health Technology Assessor (HTA).
  • Development of the most likely future scenarios and an evaluation based on attractiveness, likeness and risks of each scenario.
  • Resulting insights were used to develop a comprehensive P&R strategy, building upon key opportunities and risks. The most likely scenario was selected as a base line for the business plan.

Early launch designation

The EMEA organization of our client agreed with the assessment and P&R strategy, including proposed risk mitigation steps.

Additionally, based upon the plan, the Netherlands was assigned to be an early launch country – being able to start as soon as possible with pre-launch activities and offering the new drug to MS patients as soon as possible. The introduction of the new drug in the Netherlands will result in a neutral Budget Impact and a higher Clinical Value for MS patients.