Optimizing future accessibility of wound care therapy

Wound care under pressure

A pharma company specialized in wound care products, wants to ensure the future accessibility of their core product for patients with complex wounds. The Dutch market for wound care is very challenging: both health care providers and pharmaceutical industry experience pressure on decreasing costs and improving outcomes. Vintura was asked to investigate the cost effectiveness of the product and draft the business case for health insurance companies.

Optimized care pathway

Together with our client, we decided to take a broad perspective during the project. Besides the impact of the product itself on the treatment of complex wounds, we worked together with several stakeholders to optimize the complete care pathway from early diagnosis to follow-up after wounds are healed. We worked together with two local healthcare providers and a focus group consisting of the main Dutch health insurance companies.

Hypothesis for improvement were tested in a local setting and the business case was drafted with local cost and volume data.

Future access

Our client is now able to prove the added value of their product and ensure future patient access. Furthermore, they have a chance to position themselves as a reliable partner in improving Dutch wound care.

The other result of the project is a optimized care pathway, to be implemented by the two healthcare providers. The HIC’s will use the blueprint of the pathway to further optimize the entire Dutch wound care market.