Patient Access Strategy & Organization

Market Access is everybody’s business

Traditionally, the Market Access function was responsible for delivering a good value proposition in accordance with the needs of local health authorities. Nowadays, the Market Access function has become more complex. It needs to demonstrate superior value across the entire lifecycle, decide from an increasing number of complex pricing schemes and interact as a trusted partner with more and more stakeholders, whilst being perfectly aligned internally.

Vintura was asked to help in making Market Access everybody’s function, by building an overarching ‘Patient Access’ strategy and organization, together with the client, a multinational pharmaceutical company.

A new and integrated way of working

We formed four work streams, each comprising team members from both the client and Vintura. In less than three months’ time, we worked on the ‘how’ (‘how to organize ourselves?’) and the ‘what’ (‘what are critical themes that we need to address with our stakeholders?’). We defined a new way of working that integrated all relevant functions* under one umbrella vision. This vision allowed for integrated brand strategies, with clear processes, roles and responsibilities for each contributing function.

Integration, forward-looking and outside-in

We contributed to an organization that is now working in a more integrated and forward-looking way, basing its approach on an outside-in perspective. The work streams worked with enormous ambition and energy to design this new way of working in a short period of time and we were very proud to be able to kick-off the new way of working as of 2017. This enables the organization to ensure optimal access for patients to their existing and new products that will become available in the coming years.

* Such as those working on Health Economics, Outcomes Research, Real-World Evidence, Reimbursement, Patient Engagement, Commercial, Communication, Public Affairs and Governmental Affairs.