Developing a European VBHC strategy for payers in co-creation

Defining the EU VBHC strategy towards payers

Our client is a global bio-pharmaceutical organization active in the oncology field. They are also considered one of the front runners in Value-Based Healthcare (VBHC). So far their VBHC efforts have been mainly targeting healthcare providers. However, they realize that healthcare systems are becoming increasingly integrated and so are the stakeholders involved. Therefore our client wants to identify how to involve payers in the VBHC dialogue to accelerate adoption of VBHC and innovative solutions to support patients.

Vintura was asked to help develop a VBHC strategy towards payers based on market and payer VBHC readiness, VBHC needs and willingness to partner with biopharma.

Obtaining external stakeholder perspective

The key elements addressed in the VBHC strategy are which markets to focus on, what propositions to deliver, and how to organize in order to deliver. However the process was started with the development of a strategy statement detailing the ambition of our client.

To create maximum organizational buy in, developing the strategy and roadmap to get there was done in co-creation with our client in multiple working sessions. To ensure the strategy was evidence based these sessions were fuelled by external insights obtained through payer interviews, payer surveys, and a payer advisory board including insights from 9 European markets.

Internally and externally validated strategy and roadmap

Based on this project our client now has a clear view on how to strategically leverage VBHC towards payers in order to realize their ambition and increase trust and collaboration with this stakeholder group. Furthermore we developed a roadmap including next steps to be taken internally and externally to realize the strategy. Finally, we provided insights on how to optimize current VBHC propositions our client is working on to make them more relevant for payers.