Tackling the Dutch pharma trust and reputation challenge

Collaborate towards a sustainable HC system

The Dutch Healthcare (HC) system is under pressure: how do we keep our healthcare affordable and accesible? In the current public debate, the increasing cost for innovative medicine, and thus the value and role of the pharma industry, is seen as main threat for a sustainable healthcare system.

Our client, an international pharma company with an establishment in the Netherlands, has asked Vintura for support to research how they can recover the current (negative) perception in order to collaborate with other HC-stakeholders towards joint solutions for a sustainable healthcare system.

Listen to understand & to connect

As a first step, we have listened to a wide scope of stakeholders in healthcare and media (with live interviews and desktop research) to truly understand what:

  • the drivers are for the lack of trust in pharma;
  • needs to change towards a sustainable healthcare-system, and what the role of pharma should be to make this change;
  • pharma can do as first steps to build a fundament for constructive dialogues.

We have discussed and aligned the stakeholder approach and findings and conclusions in multiple sessions with the client team (Dutch leadershipteam).

Becoming A trusted partner as a first step

Our client has the ambition to make a difference and to positively influence the perception on pharma in the Netherlands.
With a specific roadmap, we have supported our client to define first actions. Showing their own willingness to change is seen as the base for joint solutions and building trusted partnerships. Since this is an industry-wide challenge, we will also support our client to tackle this challenge with other (big) pharma players.

This project perfectly matches Vintura’s mission to bring stakeholders closer together to collaborate towards sustainable healthcare.