Enhancing Cardiovascular Treatment through Strategic Market Assessment

Identifying the Challenge

Our client, a biotech company specializing in cardiovascular diseases, was positioned at a critical development phase with a preclinical product portfolio targeting heart failure. The primary challenge was to accurately assess the commercial potential of their innovative products for selected indications in heart failure. This assessment was vital not only for product development but also crucial for securing funding and advancing their series of clinical trials.

Vintura’s Comprehensive Approach

Vintura’s role was instrumental in navigating this complex scenario. We conducted a thorough environmental scan to define precise product positioning and detailed Target Patient Profiles (TPPs). Our team assessed market size, commercial potential, and payor willingness to pay. We also engaged with Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) and payors to gauge their expectations and perceptions of the client’s future products. Through rigorous analysis, we provided a high-level estimate of the commercial potential, focusing on target patient pools and pricing per patient for two specific indications.

Achieving Impactful Results

The strategic insights delivered by Vintura enabled our client to tailor the key features of its future preclinical and clinical studies specifically to the selected indications. These tailored strategies were critical in raising the client’s series A funding, allowing them to continue the development of their portfolio with a clear, data-backed approach. The success of our engagement not only secured necessary funding but also positioned our client to make informed decisions that enhanced their trajectory in the competitive field of cardiovascular treatments.

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