Design and implement VBHC way of working at private hospital in Switzerland

A Swiss private hospital has the ambition to differentiate themselves in the Swiss (and European) healthcare environment based on high level of quality and continuous improvement.

Ambition to grow based on proven quality

Based on the principles of Value-based Healthcare Vintura – teaming with walkerproject- supported the hospital board and leading physicians to formulate a sharp ambition and strategy towards VBHC across the organization.

With a clear objective in mind, a design thinking approach has been set-up to iteratively assess, design and develop a organization specific VBHC way-of-working.

Set-up of VBHC in orthopedics with attention for change

Although quality focus was not new, having an integrated approach based on patient value throughout the pathway was. This means change management was key from the start.

A deep-dive with stakeholders across the pathway helped to identify gaps, fuel sense of urgency and build awareness on VBHC way of working. Based on these insights, we worked with a multidisciplinary client team (both in workshops and 1-on-1) on developing a VBHC way of working that fitted the organization.

Next to the content side (pathways, outcome sets, IT tooling), specific focus was on the installation of a team and processes to drive both implementation and roll-out.

Organized for structural implementation and roll-out

The design phase has resulted in an validated and agreed upon VBHC design for the first implementation in Orthopedics, including:

  • Outcome sets, to be used in continuous improvement, communication and science
  • Integrated pathways, with measurement points and improvement areas
  • Organization, way of working on gathering, analyzing and using outcomes in practice
  • IT tooling, specification of IT tooling needed to work with outcomes across disciplines

Vintura-walker project works with the teams to drive implementation in order to transfer expertise and build capabilities for further roll-out within the organization.

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