Building a regional care network for severe asthma patient

The Dutch healthcare landscape is shifting further towards centralisation of expertise and decentralisation of care in complex diseases like Severe Asthma (SA), making regional and national collaborations even more important to secure access to “the right care at the right place”.

Building care networks

As expertise center in South-West Netherlands, the hospital has taken the initiative to co-create a blueprint to optimize regional care for SA patients together with their regional partners (11 hospitals and GP-network). Vintura was requested to support the expertise center in engaging with the other hospitals, ensuring the blueprint was co-created and accepted by the region.

Working on endorsement

In the approach of this project we emphasized on co-creation, involvement of many different stakeholders to ensure the deliverables were endorsed by all stakeholders.

  • Interviews to get different perspectives on the regional collaboration and to understand the bottlenecks
  • Definition of a mission / vision for the region for this type of care
  • Practical set up of new way of working to lower any barrier for not participating

Access for all patient on the right treatment

Designing a regional care pathway from GP to regional multi disciplinary consultation improves the quality of care for the patient. Patient with severe asthma have access to the experts, while still being treated by their onw specialist. This is next to improving the quality also lowering the overall cost.
The impact of this intervention, in this case the extent to which the new uniform way-of-working is followed, will be monitored.

“Very involved and knowledgeable. Pleasant communication. Clear agreements. Good preparation.”

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