Workshops lead to a regained belief in the brand

German team in need of a break-through to regain market share

The German brand team of a multinational pharma company faces multiple in-market and organizational challenges. The team felt ‘stuck’ in its thinking and under pressure from management to show tangible results in its efforts to regain market share it had lost over the past few years. They asked Vintura for help.

Set of cross-functional workshops to challenge current thinking

We designed an ‘accelerate growth’ methodology consisting i.a. of two workshops with a cross-functional team of sales managers, the brand manager, Medical Affairs and the European brand team. These two workshops followed a systematic approach to review and challenge the current strategy and the underlying assumptions on market and competitive dynamics.

The first workshop was dedicated to identifying the real key business challenges to regaining market share and using structured brainstorming techniques in sub-teams to identify initiatives to tackle these challenges. During the second workshop, each sub-team presented the initiatives they selected on basis of business impact and feasibility. From all presented initiatives, the cross-functional team selected the top 5 highest impact, highest feasibility initiatives to pursue over the next 12-18 months.

Identified clear priority initiatives that will alter the competitive dynamics

The identified top 5 initiatives were predominantly differently focused than in the original strategic brand plan. In addition and potentially more important, the German team has regained its enthusiasm and belief in the brand and the potential it has to regain its former standing. As an illustration of this point: the ambition for 2020 of tripling the market share, stated by the team at the end of the second workshop, was far more ambitious than expected by German and European leadership.

I am able to bridge the gap between development and the business. Having worked both client and consulting side I am able to view complex issues from multiple perspectives.