Optimizing the treatment process

Working together to improve healthcare

We received an request from one of our pharma clients: “Can we join forces with you to undertake improvement projects in hospitals with a view to improve care even more?”. We are good at bringing people together, and we are keen to work on projects which help to integrate healthcare services. This proposal was therefore very much in line with Vintura’s mission.

Vintura and the pharma company began the project within a university hospital.

Identifying potential improvements

Our partner had extensive knowledge of a particular hematological condition, multiple myeloma. To improve the treatment and care of patients with this condition, we joined the hospital’s medical specialists in determining how the stem cell transplantation process could be optimized.

Together, we identified various aspects of the existing process which could be improved. We had three main objectives:

  1. How can we improve the quality of care?
  2. How can we improve the patient experience?
  3. How can we increase effectiveness?

We quantified the impact of each proposed improvement and then produced an implementation plan.

Greater clarity for the patient

During this project we were able to bring a hospital and a pharmaceutical company together. The two organizations could then engage in a useful dialogue about the pathology of multiple myeloma, its diagnosis, treatment and prognosis. The project also created greater clarity for the patient with regard to what expect in terms of treatment and appointments. We were successful in reducing both the number of hospital visits and the overall duration of the treatment process. This not only resulted in a more patient-friendly process, but also greater effectiveness and efficiency from the hospital’s perspective.

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