Need to Stand Out

Health insurers are exerting more and more influence over the operations of the Dutch hospital sector. To some hospitals that is a threat, to others an opportunity. When the country’s largest insurer began performance-led contracting in 2014, this prompted one academic hospital to ask Vintura how to stand out in this new market environment.


The hospital was certainly delivering excellent care, but how should it present that to the buyer? We assisted it in compiling a range of services tailored to the insurer’s procurement needs. After first compiling a longlist of everything it was good at, we then ranked each item and tailored its description. Opportunities and risks were assessed, and adapted to the insurer’s procurement policy. Finally, we set the prices at which the hospital was prepared to keep supplying its care services.


The result was a sound offering for the insurer, matching its needs but still fully reflecting the hospital’s own identity.