Patient-centred and governable in a new organisational structure

Complex issue

How can we ensure that our new organisational structure is conducive to a patient-centred approach and will facilitate the process of improving our hospital’s governability? Vintura was eager to help this medium-sized hospital answer this complex question.

Our job was to ensure that this new organisational structure would be operational within a short space of time, based on the management board’s governance philosophy. What are the roles and responsibilities of the new organisation? How are meetings organised, and who participates in these meetings? What is the best way to delegate responsibility?

Concretising with the core team

To answer this question, we worked with a compact core team to identify and develop a number of sub-topics. An essential first step was to clearly define the governance philosophy. This served as our main guideline in designing the roles and responsibilities, meeting structure and control mechanisms. The fundamentals were always established in a series of high-energy work sessions with the organisation, with the outcomes then being further developed and validated in smaller teams.

Ready for implementation

We worked with the core team for two months on defining the new organisation. The final product is a clear document, which the managers use in the process of implementing this new organisation.

The client informed us that they were particularly happy with the speed with which the process was carried out, combined with our approach of directly involving people in the project. The hospital is currently at the implementation stage and has stated that they frequently refer to the final report for guidance. We, the Vintura team, enjoyed working with such a passionate and driven organisation and supporting them in putting their plans into practice.

How to start on implementing a patient-centred approach?