The value of available data for creating a strategic direction

Our client is a European network organization dedicated to accelerating innovation in Healthcare. They want to create value from available data on many different ongoing or completed projects. A data strategy is in place, however, available data is information and not insights – thus not yet valuable per se.

A lot of information, little insights

The realization of the data ambitions is key to realize the overall strategic roadmap of the client, as it is in the centre of the future value proposition. Data strategy buy-in is essential. In this project, we set out to showcase the value of the available data by creating valuable analyses & publications.

External and internal publications

In the project we focused on creating three main deliverables to showcase value of data. These are both external and internal.

First, we analyzed the clients project portfolio after the new funding round, looking at trends in content, location, disease area etc. Then, we looked at the use of data in existing and new projects. This provides a ‘health check’ for certain strategic goals of the client.

Based on these analyses we created an external publication on Early Diagnostics, describing trends and the role of the client in this space and strategic recommendations.

Showcasing the value of data

With the project we were able to bring the data in the database to life; both internally at the client and with their external partner network. We analyzed data in an agile way, with multiple parts of the organization involved and contributing. This helps in future analyses. Bringing data to life and showcasing value creates buy-in for the data strategy and overall strategic direction. By co-creating with the client we were able to unlock existing but hidden value, for both the client and its European partner network.

Very flexible with the scope of the project – all the changes we requested were performed. Proactive and always suggesting new ideas! – Client project lead (Head of Data Strategy)

I believe in really knuckling down with the client. Combining their know-how and information with my experience and creativity results in solutions they love.