Supporting the change towards a centralized day ward with a new process

Centralizing the day ward

A large academic hospital in the Netherlands is centralizing the day ward in a new building, and developing a new, uniform, process for patients and professionals across divisions. The client had no clear understanding of the requirements for change; for the change approach, impact of the change projects and the capacity needed in the new building.

Vintura was asked to support in creating a change approach and impact analysis, and to determine the required capacity in (a number of) future situations.

Co-creating the change approach

Together, the client and Vintura take the required steps to set up successful change management. A change management plan was created, including an analysis of the impact of the change on the organization. The complete project team was involved, leading to the right commitment for the change. Broader support was created by involving medical staff and division management in decision making.

Using a predictive model, with inputs from medical and process stakeholders, we determined required capacity in the new building.

Supported plan & analysis

With the clear change management plan and the concrete impact-assessment, development and implementation of the new day ward process has sped up; allowing a better experience for the patient overall.

We have provided insight in the required future capacity in the new building – and which process- and constructional interventions are required to realize these predictions. The client now uses the deliverables of the project to manage the future impact of projects and process changes to achieve successful implementation.

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