Integration of value-based healthcare in the strategy and operations

Patient value, that is what our client wishes to deliver

The healthcare sector is facing many far-reaching and fast-moving changes. There are pressures on the affordability and accessibility of the care system. Our client believes that the future of healthcare will be based on Value-Based Healthcare (VBHC) – that is, the creation and management of patient value. To implement this philosophy in its operations, it asked Vintura to share the ideas behind VBHC with those employees who have the task of generating patient value on a daily basis.

Value-based Healthcare in practice

The project was about using the ideas behind VBHC in everyday work situations. To achieve this, we determined with the client what Value-Based Healthcare means for the client. In an inspiring work session with around 70 of the client’s employees, we examined VBHC in detail. The first step involved getting the teams responsible for a particular clinical picture to think about what initiatives on the patient journey are possible and what steps we should take in order to carry these initiatives out.

…And now to put it into practice!

With the help of the work session’s outcomes, the various teams enthusiastically started to implement the ideas with the partners in the field. In consultation with the management, Value-Based Healthcare has been made a prominent part of the strategic plans of the various teams. This is to make sure that it is not just a one-off event. We are now actually seeing some of the ideas in the market, and they are helping to improve patient value.