Improving Leukemia Care Outcomes

Ambitious Plan

An international pharmaceutical organization wants to go beyond supplying drug treatments and deliver better healthcare outcomes across the board (‘outcome management’). As part of this effort it has developed two groundbreaking initiatives in the area of leukemia. In this case, improved outcomes mean a greater chance of survival and better quality of life. Vintura was requested to help operationalize and implement these two initiatives.

Practical Application

We assisted two pharmaceutical teams in translating their ambitions into concrete results. To do this, we followed a structured process:

  1. Identify bottlenecks in leukemia care;
  2. Ask critical questions to clarify their underlying causes;
  3. Define the solution with the greatest added value for both the patient and the healthcare system;
  4. Work with the teams to determine what specific steps are needed to implement the initiatives.

Dedicated Team

With this project, our client has laid a solid foundation to achieve better outcomes for leukemia patients. Its two teams now have a clear picture of the ideal solution. Both are highly motivated to improve patient lives through these initiatives. We are proud to share their ambition and to have helped take it forward through this great project.