Improving a Procedure Worldwide

Best Practices

Our client is a large US-based supplier of medical equipment, including instruments and implants that significantly improve patients’ lives after brain surgery. It asked us to investigate how surgeons around the world were implanting one of its products, with a view to identifying and publicizing best practices.

International Publication

A number of experienced surgeons helped us to establish a procedure model describing the key steps in the operation and the different ways in which they are undertaken. Using this, we and our client then reviewed hundreds of procedures all over the world to better understand the various approaches adopted and the reasons for them. The results of this study were published in an international medical journal.

App Helps Surgeons

Vintura then developed an iPad app allowing surgeons to compare their own technique with that of colleagues worldwide, and so apply relevant best practices during their own operations. The database of information about the procedure is constantly being updated and added to.

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