Customised training to safeguard value-driven healthcare in practice

Ambition is value-driven healthcare

In order to realise its vision for being close to its patients, a general hospital is committing itself to improving the care cycle. The Value-Based Healthcare principles – integrated collaboration; focus on outcomes; making improvements together – are important starting points in this. Under Vintura’s guidance, the hospital has already successfully improved the care cycle collaboration on behalf of some of its patient groups, starting with patient outcomes. The hospital now wants to further embed this way of working in its organisation.

Vintura has been asked to provide support with this, and to pass on its knowledge and experience to project leaders.

Training for project leaders

Together with a multidisciplinary team, Vintura has developed a strategy and customised training programme for the realisation of ‘VBHC Care Cycles’, incorporating the hospital’s philosophy, successful pilot projects, and its own experience.
The main topics covered in the training programme are:

  • start-up: scope, goal, team;
  • design: potential for improvement;
  • development: supported care cycle (including transmural);
  • implementation: communication, follow-up and integration in practice.

A group of project leaders has started working on their own care cycles directly on the basis of this training programme.

Sustainable safeguards with internal ambassadors

Precisely because of the direct application of theoretical concepts in their own practice, participants were able to experience the impact themselves and discuss the obstacles they encountered in practice with each other and Vintura, as well as overcoming these. The result is a group of professionals across various departments who actively assume the role of ambassador for this new way of working.

The inclusion of the ‘train the trainer’ aspect means that a number of professionals are now also able to pass on what they’ve learnt to their colleagues, ensuring an even more effective dissemination of the practices.

Want to know how to safeguard value-driven healthcare in practice?