Building the organizational VBHC capability

Capability to design and implement VBHC solutions

A top 3 pharma company aimed to lead the way in value-based healthcare (VBHC) in EMEA. The ambition and underlying strategy were in place. In an earlier phase we developed the approach and governance model to bring VBHC initiatives and healthcare solutions from idea to implementation. To close the loop, we were asked to develop the organizational capability to deliver on the strategy: the Healthcare Solutions function. We needed to define structure, capacity and capabilities – as well as the plan to implement the function at HQ and country level.

Outside-in and inside-out deep dive on needed capabilities

As we were looking into a total new capability for the organization, it was essential that we took the broadest possible view at the needed capabilities. We conducted 30+ in-depth interviews with key stakeholders across functions and countries to understand the needs of internal and external clients and partners. Competitive insights and market readiness assessments were used to complete the picture. Frequent, highly interactive workshops were used to co-create the design with full buy-in from all stakeholders. We payed special attention to continuous alignment with senior management, as they were about to invest in additional headcount with a longer term ROI.

HQ team up-and running, countries building up

In just 4 months’ time, with full EMEA senior leadership endorsement, we have designed the full organizational capability for the Healthcare Solutions function at HQ and country level. We defined the structure of the function, interactions between HQ/countries, interactions with other functions, roles, role profiles and capabilities and capacity per role. We even managed to already define the career development pathways. Shortly after the assignment was finalized, the HQ team was fully recruited. They are now working on VBHC initiatives that really make a difference in the market.