Healthcare contracting

Realising adjustments in volume and results can only be justified in practice when the hospital concludes suitable contracts with health insurers. Increasingly, these are long-term contracts which are more important due to the duration and the volume agreements. Reduction in healthcare volume is often a core component.

What does good contracting mean for you?

We’re seeing a shift in the market towards new forms of contracting, such as reimbursement of health based on outcomes and population funding. New contracts also lead to changes in the relationship with the insurer. Risks are shared, hospitals receive more room to manoeuvre in exchange for transparency, and a continuous improvement cycle is agreed upon. These shifts also have consequences for the internal hospital organisation and processes necessary to actually fulfill agreements.

How can Vintura help you?

We help you to identify which contractual agreements are necessary and justified in line with the volume strategy that you advocate. But we don’t stop there. Our strength also lies in structuring the organisation and the processes necessary for agreeing upon and complying with the new contracts with hospitals. The team that is to work in this organisation and these processes, and the relationship and contracts with insurers will be brought to a new level through our work. In short, it comes down to the following:

  • We guide your organisation in progressing towards a long-term contract at all steps in the process.
  • We also set up the processes and reporting that are necessary for compliance with the contract.
  • We facilitate sessions for translating strategy and portfolio into contractual agreements, and provide support in gaining insight into information (reports) and considerations as part of the new agreement.
  • We support your team with innovative thinking about contracting, as well as getting an idea of the necessary training and organisational changes, and then realising them.

take a look at some cases?

Vintura has extensive experience in contracting. The following case is one example:

  • Guiding a hospital in drafting an offer for a health insurer / read more
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