Healthcare volume restriction in hospitals

What does volume restriction mean for you?

In the current social context and the concrete agreements in the outline accord, each hospital is faced with the task of actively working on its healthcare volume, and as a rule, restricting it. This is a task that is new to many managers, and that must be approached with the greatest of care to ensure the continuity of healthcare and the hospital. In the field of influence that exists between patient needs, health insurers, medical specialists, regional and other healthcare partners and the hospital’s own financial health, an optimal and practicable solution must be found.

How can Vintura help you?

Volume restriction can be achieved from various angles:

  • 1. Relocation: Which healthcare activities could better be supplied by other healthcare providers, or even at home? Collaboration with other hospitals, primary care and e-health suppliers is the tool involved here.
  • 2. Reduction: Which healthcare activities can be reduced, without reducing the actual value for the patient? Consider, for example, the targeted reduction of repeat visits.

Finding the right combination and organising what is needed to put it into practice are the big challenges in volume restriction.

One of the insights that we take into account is ‘patient segmentation’. The abovementioned relocation and reduction measures will preferably not be implemented for all patients, but for a targeted selection in which this is possible, effective, and desirable for the patient in question. Patient segmentation is a way of using targeted volume restriction measures where appropriate, without harming the workability and predictability of healthcare, and without compromising the quality for the individual patient.

First and foremost, we can support you in choosing the optimal combination of options for volume restriction. We offer proven solutions from other hospitals, and we conduct analyses of the complete healthcare portfolio in order to identify which solutions can be used and where. We can calculate the effects on turnover, costs and results, and help to get stakeholders on board with the desired solutions, both within and external to the hospital. We can also help in realising the solutions and addressing the enablers, for example by designing the necessary regional collaboration.

Would you like to know more, and take a look at some cases?

Vintura has extensive experience in working responsibly towards volume restrictions and providing support in making the right healthcare available in the right place. These are some examples of completed projects:

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  • Patient segmentation for the outpatient clinic of the future / read more

View all of our healthcare projects here. Would you like more information, or are you looking to get started on volume restriction, perhaps because you’re committing to this in a long-term contract? If so, please contact Kees van Bemmel directly or call our general number (+31 35 54 33 540).

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