Working together to realise Value-Based Healthcare

Insights needed for sustainable IBD care

A Dutch operating company of a large pharmaceutical multinational has a mission to work together with stakeholders towards realizing Value-Based Healthcare (VBHC).

At the same time, a group of IBD specialists was looking for ways to professionalise their online registry containing data from the electronic patient files as well as patient reported data. The individual patient data is used during consultations, for better interaction with patients. At the same time, the aggregated data is used for research purposes.

The question to Vintura was to materialise this opportunity to co-create on the basis of VBHC principles.

Formulating and executing a co-creation project

The shared ambition of both parties was to include an innovative PROM questionnaire in the registry software and to extent the group of participating hospitals from five to ten members.

During the scoping phase, Vintura designed a clear project structure after conducting interviews with all stakeholders involved. From these interviews, it appeared that more was needed to realise the shared ambition, such as: (1) a strong positioning with supporting communication materials; (2) an automatic link with the electronic patient records; and (3) an implementation toolkit for the new hospitals.

A richer and larger registry to improve care

Vintura assigned the improvements to make to various workstreams with clear owners, milestones and planning.

Specialists from the five hospitals and their partners from the operating company work together within these workstreams to realise the improvements, that will lead to:

  • Better interaction between healthcare practitioners and patients (more involvement of and direction by the patient);
  • Better research using real-world evidence;
  • Steering towards (and in time reimbursement of) value-based healthcare.