Validate the market potential for a new drug in the primary care market

Market potential for a new therapy

Our client developed a therapy with significant better results than currently available treatments. The drug has been approved and can be prescribed by specialists for specific patient groups. Potentially the drugs could also be prescribed by general practitioners (GPs) in the future. The client wanted to know the realistic market potential and ambition for this drug in the Dutch primary care market.

Qualitative, quantitative and desk research

We used a three step approach:

  • First we conducted desk research to get a good overview of the primary care market and the therapeutic area.
  • The second step was a qualitative research with 16 face to face interviews with general practitioners to get insight in their opinion on the new therapy and their role in prescription.
  • The last step was a large quantitative research amongst 200 GPs to get representative insights and test our hypotheses.

Large potential & Advise for market entry

The research revealed a very high market potential (which was a big surprise for our client) and insight into prescriber needs and prescription triggers & barriers. Furthermore the joint project team identified the most promising patient groups and GP segments to start market entry. The key messages and channels were defined, to complete the market entry strategy.

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