Upscaling for Major Cohort Study

Interim Management

An academic hospital secured some €95 million in grants for a major cohort study following 165,000 people over 30 years. Participants are to be screened every five years and need to complete an annual questionnaire. With the funding in place, the road was clear to upscale the organization and infrastructure needed for the study. Amongst other things, the hospital would have to invest in location, staff, IT, and automated long-term cold storage facilities. Vintura was asked to manage this process on an interim basis, until everything was up and running.

Strategic Framework

Our approach was centered initially on identifying and establishing the right framework for a successful upscaling. That had to be in place before we could proceed with the implementation. How would the new organization be structured and managed, for example? To answer this kind of question, we developed a detailed strategic plan. We also revised the long-term budget, making essential but sometimes difficult choices between scientific and monetary value, recruitment and retention strategy, and the revenue and valorization model.

Sound Basis

With the plan in place, we had created a sound basis for a successful and responsible upscaling. The 165,000 participants have now been recruited and the second round of screening is under way. New premises have been built, the cold storage facilities are in place, and the whole study has been transferred to a separate company. Looking to the future, substantial additional funds have also been raised.

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