Towards the Netherlands’ best rehabilitation network

Better-organized rehabilitation benefits the client

Because of its complex, multidisciplinary nature, hospitals often have trouble working successfully with outside partners in the field of rehabilitation care. In the past our client, a top clinical hospital, has opted to use specialist doctors seconded from a rehabilitation center. A good idea on paper, but in practice one which resulted in some curious situations. With the doctors effectively working for two employers simultaneously, they had to refer patients to themselves and work with two medical records. The also had dual management tasks, so the red tape piled up. Clearly, it was in the patients’ best interests to come up with a better way to organize their care.

A quick yet popular solution

Since our client was due to start talks about its collaborative arrangements, it was important that the process be kept brief and that the solution arrived at enjoy broad support. Engaging the rehabilitation specialists proved a challenge, because of their ambiguous employment status. By putting the patients’ interests first, however, everyone was able to look beyond their own organization. In just three working sessions, we were able to reach a shared vision for optimum care, with a clearly defined portfolio and an appropriate form of organization. This was based upon input from more than ten partners.

The future is cooperative

The demand for rehabilitation care is going to rise sharply in the future. Thanks to its ambitious outlook and the clear choices it has made about its care portfolio, our client is now ready for that challenge. Rather than tying itself to one partner, the hospital has assumed responsibility for the quality of all rehabilitation services in its region. This means that it can deliver the best possible bespoke care for its patients, or refer them to the most suitable provider. Vintura is proud to have played its part in creating the Netherlands’ best rehabilitation network!

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