Business case for new hospital construction

Dividing clinical care over two locations

A large leading clinical hospital recently merged with a regional hospital. The hospital asked Vintura to help draw up a design plan for the new organisation: which healthcare would be offered at which location? Based on this proposal, a construction plan for the outdated regional hospital could then be drawn up.

A thorough approach

During various phases, we worked together with the client and other parties to come up with detailed future plans. Firstly, in consultation with the departments we established which healthcare would be provided at each location in the future. Based on this, we were able to identify the extent of the capacities required for things such as outpatient clinics, ORs, ICUs, and clinical centres. This enabled us to then estimate the investment and financing requirements necessary to realise the construction of the new building.

Feasible and responsible business case

The business case has been approved by the Supervisory Board. This means that the hospital can commence the design and financing process. If the banks also agree to this proposal, the plan is for the new building to be ready by the end of 2020. As a result, the patients in the surrounding area will be assured of good healthcare in the right place and in a pleasant environment.

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